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RF-technology from Hartola


HartControl Oy provides industrial automation design and production services. Our forte is in mechanised design and programming for the wood processing and sawmill industries. We can also provide all-inclusive RF (radio frequency) technology services.

From our homebase in Hartola, we serve the whole of Finland, as well as the Baltics, Russia, and the Nordics. Get in touch and request a quote for automation, RF tech, spare parts or maintenance.

Design and programming

We have provided industrial automation design and programming solutions for more than 40 years. We offer designs for instruction and control cabinets in according with your requests and requirements. We are a responsible operator, meaning you can rely on us to adhere to all safety and security standards.

Our services include:

  • Control cabinets

  • Field installations

  • Measurements

  • Documentation

Our personnel belong to the best in the field, and they take advantage of the newest tech in the industry.

We ensure that our range of equipment is always well-kept and up-to-date, and that our staff are always at the top of their field of expertise. We specialise in design and programming for the mechanical wood processing and sawmill industries.

  • Servo control

  • Pressure regulation

  • Fieldbuses

  • Counters

  • Security buses

Our most frequently used brands are Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, and Rexroth Indramat.


HartControl Oy provides maintenance and spare parts for all industrial radio frequency devices, such as in wood processing or in printing-house heating devices.


Spare parts for all brands are available, including RF-Technic, Har-Ko, PYE, Italpresse, Cavallo, and Weining. Our large selection included triodes, ceramic capacitors, vacuum capacitors, high voltage transformers, and rectifiers.


In addition, we produce RF generators with an output of 15-100kW. These generators are suitable for the furniture, flooring, and plywood industries.

Markku Rolig

Managing Director

Oskari Pajunen

Kai Tuominen

RF technology

Heikki Johansson