HartControl Oy, serving you at home and abroad from our base in Hartola

HartControl Oy are specialists in industrial automation and programming. Our team provides design and programming for many kinds of control cabinets in industries such as wood processing and sawmills.


Our company has been active since 2006, with over 40 years of experience in the field.

We have also bought Har-Ko Oy’s spare parts warehouse. Thanks to this, we can provide maintenance and spare parts services for radio frequency devices in all industries.


If this sounds interesting, come and talk to us and request a quote for automation solutions in Hartola and beyond. We are active both in Finland and abroad.

Markku Rolig

Managing Director

Oskari Pajunen

Kai Tuominen

RF technology

Heikki Johansson


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HartControl Oy

Keskustie 44  

19600 Hartola

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